Because you deserve recognition for the positive impact you make.

Power Women in Green
Awards 2018

Do you...

  • work for/at a green business?
  • sell a product or service that is good for the environment?
  • believe we need to care for the earth's resources?
  • practice compassion in your work?
  • give back more than most businesses?
  • improve the lives of all who come into contact with the business? (staff, community & family)

Celebrating women in green business.

Nominate yourself, friend or colleague.
for the
Power Women in Green Awards 2018

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    All nominations will be promoted before the event.
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    Each nominee receives 1 free ticket to attend the award ceremony.
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    The first 10 businesses nominated will receive VIP packages at the event.

What have I learned from interviewing women in green business for my podcast?

That they aren't at the forefront yelling about how great they are.

No, they’re in the background silently saving the world.

You deserve recognition. 

You're living proof that it’s possible to be successful in all areas: People, planet, profit.

Imagine this:

You've won the award in your category. You're standing on stage in front of a room filled with like-minded people. People who share the same passion and mission as you. They call out your name, you can't believe it!

You walk up to the stage, hold the award up and have the stage all to yourself and speak about your mission and vision.

Afterwards you will share your heartfelt speech with your tribe online. Imagine how your tribe will react to you winning the award and watching you speak.

This is your chance.

Let’s celebrate you and your success!

All you need to do is fill out the form below.

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Nominating is simple and quick. 

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    Fill in the form below, nominating your own or another worthy business woman.
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